Fieldwork Update: Critical Reader Visits

We’ve been conducting fieldwork in each of our eight case study cities in Europe and China over the last few months. This primary research is being followed up by a series of ‘critical reader’ visits by other members of our international team, to provide feedback on the findings and to add further cross-comparative insights.

Meanwhile, we’ve begun work on various collaborative pieces for publication, and are planning our dissemination activities for the final year of the project. ‘Critical reader’ visits have taken place in Amsterdam, Manchester and Hamburg in recent weeks; Bordeaux and our four Chinese cities (Wuhan, Shanghai, Ningbo and Shenzhen) are next.

Visiting some of the ‘TreeWiFi’ team at the Makerversity centre in Amsterdam


Waiting for the tram in St Peter’s Square, at the northern end of Manchester’s ‘Corridor’

Exploring Hamburg




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