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Bordeaux Métropole Event

Our colleagues Eric Jolivet and Rob Cowley presented at a workshop on ‘Smart Cities: studies, rankings and perspectives’ organised by Bordeaux Métropole, as part of the city’s ongoing Semaine Digitale activities, on 1 February 2018.

The panel also included Rushi Rama (Future Cities Catapult, UK), Rudolf Giffinger (Professor in the Dept. of Urban and Regional Research at the Vienna University of Technology), and Lidia Cobas (UCLG smart cities Learning Forum). The discussants included Alain Turby (Mayor of nearby Carbon-Blanc and Metropolitan Councillor for the Digital Metropolis) and Estelle Gentilleau (Bordeaux Municipal Councillor).

The event, held in the Cité Municipale amphitheatre, attracted an audience of 50 policy-makers, built environment professionals and journalists from the surrounding regions.

Following the event, an article by Eric Jolivet on ‘Bordeaux devient un modèle de smart city’ was published in Sud Ouest newspaper. Download pdf


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