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Generating Cleaner Energy as a Community: Nottingham Trent Basin

Ever wondered what it would be like to share your energy with your neighbours? The residents of the Nottingham Trent Basin housing project know what it’s like.  Making good use of solar panels, ground source heat pumps and Europe’s biggest communal battery, the scheme has the makings of a ‘best practice’ example of sustainable technology …

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Federico Caprotti becomes Turing Fellow

Dr Federico Caprotti (Principal Investigator of our smart-eco cities project) recently became a Fellow of the Alan Turing Institute for 2018-2020, to continue working on smart cities and urban futures. This is one of 22 prestigious two-year fellowships allowing researchers to spend a proportion of their time at The Alan Turing Institute headquarters in London, …

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Symposium in Barcelona (Jan 2019)

Eric Jolivet, Sophie Houdart and Alain Iribarne (project colleagues from our France team) will be presenting at a symposium organised by the Research Group for Collaborative Spaces, to be held at the University of Barcelona on 14-15 January 2019. Their paper is titled Participative fabrication of the contemporary city: a critical reflection based on the iconic …

Press releases and media engagement

Press Release: Public Must Help Shape Smart Cities

(Text from University of Exeter press release 17 October 2018)   The public must play a key role in the ongoing “smart cities” revolution, researchers say. The term smart city refers to places where digital data is collected and used to run services – ranging from traffic lights that minimise queues to health apps that …


New Article on ‘Flagship’ Smart Urban Spaces

Our colleague Federico Caprotti has a new project article out today in Urban Studies, available on open access here. The article explores the significance of two prominent sites in the UK where the smart city is made visible: Glasgow’s Operations Centre and Bristol’s Data Dome. Such ‘flagship’ spaces play particular roles in defining and justifying …


New book: Inside Smart Cities

Inside Smart Cities, a new book edited by our project colleague Federico Caprotti along with Andrew Karvonen and Federico Cugurullo, is out today, published by Routledge. The book uses 23 empirically detailed case studies to provide real-world evidence on how local authorities, small and medium enterprises, corporations, utility providers and civil society groups are implementing …

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AAG 2019 Session: Call for Papers

Our project colleagues Rob Raven and Philipp Spaeth are among the organisers of a session on smart urban experimentation for next year’s AAG meeting in Washington DC (April 3-7).  The session will explore the effects of such experiments on the ‘knowledge politics’ of urban decision-making. Those interested in taking part are invited to submit a …

Conferences and workshops

Future Cities Research Directions Workshop

We hosted a day-long workshop in Exeter yesterday, attended by invited researchers from a variety of universities, as well as representatives from Exeter City Futures and Future Cities Catapult. By bringing together practitioners and academics working on varied urban themes, we aimed to identify and discuss key emerging topics, in the hope of enabling future research …

Conferences and workshops

Is Urban Sustainability Going Out of Fashion?

        Simon Joss took part in a roundtable discussion at the AESOP Annual Congress in Gothenburg last week, exploring the rise of new urban development concepts and practices (smart cities, resilient cities, low carbon cities, etc), and where these leave the idea of sustainability.  The interesting questions posed by convenor Jonathan Metzger included …


New Report: Smart-Eco Cities in France

Our report on smart-eco urban development in France, compiled by Eric Jolivet and Anna Bond, is now available to download. It includes profiles of Bordeaux, Lille, Lyon, Nice, and Toulouse with detailed descriptions of selected relevant activities taking place in each city. Please visit our publications page to find other project outputs, including reports on other countries.