New Article on the British Smart City Standard

We’re proud to announce the publication of a new project article in the Journal of Urban Technology, co-authored by our team member Simon Joss.  It explores the way that citizenship is framed in the new ‘smart city standard’ devised by the British Standards Institution.  The article is available on open access.


Growing practice interest in smart cities has led to calls for a less technology-oriented and more citizen-centric approach. In response, this article investigates the citizenship mode promulgated by the smart city standard of the British Standards Institution. The analysis uses the concept of citizenship regime and a mixture of quantitative and qualitative methods to discern key discursive frames defining the smart city and the particular citizenship dimensions brought into play. The results confirm an explicit citizenship rationale guiding the smart city (standard), although this displays some substantive shortcomings and contradictions. The article concludes with recommendations for both further theory and practice development.

Joss, S., Cook, M. & Dayot, Y. (2017). Smart Cities: Towards a New Citizenship Regime? A Discourse Analysis of the British Smart City Standard. Journal of Urban Technology. Advance online version. DOI: 10.1080/10630732.2017.1336027

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