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Sharing Findings in Tianjin

Our colleagues Li Yu, Andrew Flynn and Linjun Xie took part in a workshop on Smart and Eco Cities at the Tianjin Urban Planning & Design Institute (TUPDI) on 6 September 2017.

The workshop explored the planning and development of smart eco-city in Tianjin and China. Participants include Mr. Changlin Zhou (deputy dean of TUPDI), Mr. Chunshui Zhao (chief architect of TUPDI), Dr. Guowen Dai (Director of China Eco-city Academy (CECA)), Dr. Jing Wu (Professor from Nankai University), and planners, architects and designers from TUPDI and other academic researchers. During the seminar, planners from TUPDI introduced the current construction status and future planning of eco-city development in Tianjin; designers from the Digital Planning Technology Research Centre of TUPDI discussed the use of various urban types of data in smart city development; Director Dai from the CECA presented her research on eco-city development in the adaption to climate change. Finally, Dr. Li Yu introduced our project and current findings, and exchanged further ideas with participants on smart eco-city development in China and the Europe.



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